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    How to Make Social Commerce More Appealing??
    Good answer:
    Just 5% of U.S. Internet users have made a purchase through social media sites, but 42% said they would be more likely to do it if they knew their financial information was secure, according to a Harris Poll for DigitasLBi. Thirty-eight percent said that they would also be more likely to buy something if they knew their purchase wouldn't be shared.
    How to Make Social Commerce More Appealing - eMarketer

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    Safety is paramount. It also has to be hassle free. If there is even the slightest kink in the system, users will get suspicious. Making your order process more social should help build credibility.

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    The newest of online retail marketing strategies, Social Commerce, integrates itself deep within today’s social web to drive sales through its micro-niche target audience. Marketing expert, Heidi Cohen, plainly describes it as “Social Media meets shopping”. A recent Gartner survey exposed that 74% of customers rely on social networks to guide their purchases. The key to a successful social commerce strategy includes knowhow of converting a like, pin, tweet or retweet into a sale; hence tapping into that 74%.

    Early innovators have been quick to jump on board after identifying today’s cultural need to engrain social into quotidian life. Zmags recorded that 63% of online shoppers plan to use online catalogs and 35% said they plan to use Pinterest to guide them to make purchases. It is therefore no surprise that networks like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are now goldmines for visual forms social commerce.


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    I work in a company called Stylinity and we are a new confluence of social media, UPC fashion data technology, and a cell app millennials can use while taking selfies in stores where they shop.

    I can explain more , we wok with many affiliates.

    We are also ross-platform: Instagram (although they do not allow links) , Pinterest, Tumblr, FB, twitter, etc.., We have an iPhone version and an android version for downloading. We make the selfie: "shoppable".


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    very interesting - thank you all

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    Maybe I am just not with it, but my question is "why". "Why" do I want someone to check out in someone else's experience? I want them to love, not Especially when I consider that the social media site will want to take a cut of the revenue for payment process. One social media site tried to charge me 5 times the amount I would have paid my current transaction gateway.

    The big nail in the coffin is I have to share my customer's user data, since Twitter or Facebook will be processing the payment. This data is precious to me, its my competitive edge, it's something no one else has.

    E-Commerce comes down to a few points, availability, service, and price. Having "exclusive" knowledge of our customer behavior means we provide the best service possible, not just in sales and CS if something goes wrong, but in messaging. The exorbitant transaction fees means I have to raise my prices to make any money and pay my publishers. At this point, I am competing with Amazon on logistics -- yeah no thanks.

    I am all about using social to "guide purchases" like Pointagee said. We take education and engagement really seriously here. I just want to be able to curate that shopping experience in the best way possible.

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    I think social media strength is content sharing, so social media should be an interesting conversation with customers in order to achieve engagement. This content better be relevant enough to be shared and hopefully become viral or have wider range at least.
    For us, seems better to do a turn over from social media to sales channels. This way our social media does not engage directly at selling and they leave the sale in "expert hands" to continue with the relevant conversation with the customers.

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