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    Applying to product feeds for a web site that is still being built
    I'm new to affiliate networking and I need your advice.

    I'm currently in the progress of building a web site that will display product feeds from online stores. In order to complete the web site I need an actual product feed so I would be able to test my web site with it and once my web site is complete I'll be able to use the feed as content for it.

    I know that if I'll apply to any product feeds without a functioning web site I'll be declined by the stores.

    So I'm kinda stuck, without a product feed I can't continue.

    What do you suggest I do?

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    Are other pages of your site available to review? Can you include a mock-up page as one of the pages on your site, so potential merchants can see how you intend to use their feed?

    I've approved affiliates without live sites, but they've always had a great deal of examples to show me first so that I knew for sure how they intended to execute the concept.

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    Simplest way may be to just look for an affiliate program set to "Auto Approve". You may not get far with that particular program given the sites that couldn't ever get approved that will sign up with them, but you can get your hands on a datafeed to use for getting things set up and once you can show your work, you can get approved for others.

    One thing you need to know before you do all that is that your site needs to have significant content on it to be able to attract traffic, the datafeed isn't gonna do that for you.

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    Thanks people for your quick responses
    I will create a mock to apply with, and will also try to find programs set to "Auto Approve".

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