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    Pre-work: business set-up before becoming an affiliate
    I've read on here that it's best for affiliates to keep their identity hidden. So before I sign up for any of the affiliate networks I wanted to get some advice in order to set myself up for success. I'm highly optimistic

    1. Did you register as yourself or did you set up a business entity such as a sole proprietorship or LLC?
    2. I haven't filled out an application but I assume that I need to enter an address. Did you use a home address or a PO Box?
    3. What do you wish you knew about setting yourself up that I should consider?

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    You don't want to hide your identity from people you are establishing legal agreements with, you will need to provide your Tax ID info, y'know. It will be difficult or impossible to be accepted into a network with anonymous information. The only place you might wish to keep your personal info private is in information you are sharing with some services and competitors.

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    Thanks 2busy. To clarify, I'm asking if many of you set up actual businesses before becoming an affiliate, so you could use a business name or if you found any challenges with signing up as yourself.

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