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    Does google connect the dots
    Let's say I have two domains : one is being promoted with original content , no spam , 100% natural organic growth , following all google guidelines

    And the second one is 100% black hat seo , spammy marketing

    When does google ( if it does ) connect the dots and maybe affect my good site ?

    When the two sites are hosted on the same server ?


    When the two sites are registered under the same name and same registrar?

    Or when the two sites are linked to the same analytics / webmaster tool gmail account ?

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    Google is a registrar so they can see who owns the domains. But they have nanobot drones flying around in your office that can read your mind - even through a tinfoil hat.

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    Why don't you call Google and ask.

    You will never get a definitive answer anywhere. Google will keep collecting the data from everywhere it can and will keep connecting the dots. When and exactly how, you won't know. So unless you are operating your black hat site out of Nigeria, on a different server by someone else, you may not be safe.

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    So google will penalize a good site just because it is linked ( not actual URL link) indirectly to a bad site ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebtheredwood View Post
    But they have nanobot drones flying around in your office that can read your mind - even through a tinfoil hat.

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    The Google will penalize a site based on that single site's scoring by It's algos. If two sites have no other method of being 'linked' other than ownership and being on the same server, that in itself will not draw It's ire.

    A single site is evaluated based on individual pages - it's the cumulative ranking of those pages that increase or decrease the value of the site. Only if the pages on the site violate It's guidelines does the entire site suffer.

    However, and there is always a 'however', I suspect if a site owner is known for repeatedly trying to game the Google, that the Google has methods and will take action...
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    If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey View Post
    If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't do it.
    Absolutely right.

    One word comes to mind when considering what the Goog knows and can find out: OMNISCIENT
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