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    Help and ideas to promote a mail fowarding service to brazilian market

    I need someone that can help and give some tips to promote a mail fowarding service to brazilian market, where people can shop american stores and receive their parcel in Brazil.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Are consumers in Brazil using credit cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    Are consumers in Brazil using credit cards?
    Yes, they use credit cards and also Paypal

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    Brazil is the 3rd largest economy in the western hemisphere, China is courting favor to do business with Brazil, their economy is doing quite well, so I imagine there would be a good demand for shoppers who want to order where they can't shop now.

    If you want to reach people for that kind of service, you could write about the good and bad side of those services. People will still sign up, even if they know that sometimes they can be disappointed. Highlight the good side, but also let them know of the limitations. Why? because if anything does happen you would have an ally, with more to write about instead of an enemy out to get even with you for their problem.

    I have used that kind of service, even if I am in the US, people who only ship via FedEx or UPS won't ship to my rural location. I used a service that let me ship to a street address in Florida, and they would mail me my order for a small extra charge and the shipping cost. Worth it if you need something and can't get it any other way.

    Unfortunately I once filled an order for a sweet lady and shipped it to her mailing address in Florida, arriving 3 days later. She received her order in Barbados almost two weeks after that and it was broken because it was not packaged for ocean freight shipping. There is no insurance beyond the delivery in Florida, so she was out over $400 and I had no way to replace her order because of the shipping deception and forfeiting of insurance. She couldn't even do a chargeback. I could have shipped to Barbados via ocean freight, but the order was for USPS to Florida.

    So you can explain how it all works and give people some idea about some of the things that can go wrong. Informed customers think ahead and avoid some of the worst problems. Maybe give some advice about places to shop, teach them to look for the BB Seal and read guarantees carefully and avoid fragile items that can be damaged in shipping. Helping people solve a problem or answer a question is a good way to have a popular site.
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