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New Features Introduced to the Advertiser & Publisher Performance Reports

In September, we deployed exciting new features to the advertiser and publisher performance reports in the Affiliate Window interface, including new Assist KPIs and the ability to customize columns.

zanox/Affiliate Window: Appointment of new Executive Board finalizes integration of Europe’s largest performance marketing network

Following the November 2013 completed acquisition of Digital Window Ltd. operating in the UK under the brand of Affiliate Window, the Supervisory Board of zanox AG has made the decision to fully merge Affiliate Window and zanox into one organization further consolidating the group’s position as Europe’s largest performance marketing network.

Affiliate Window Continues Upgrade of Communication Portals

In line with the evolution of the Affiliate Window website and Wiki, we have upgraded our blog and publisher portal, TheHub. Both portals have been streamlined with a clean aesthetic and include new features allowing users to quickly identify the information they require to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Report: Ticketing in the Performance Channel

Working with some of the largest ticketing brands in the US market, Affiliate Window is well placed to analyze the growth of this sector through the affiliate channel. In this document the growth of the sector, the drivers of this growth and additional trends are examined in addition to the publisher types that are effective at generating sales within the sector and the devices being used to purchase.

Spooky Halloween Offers

Ghosts and Goblins, Spooks Galore, Scary Witches at your door…….Jack-O-Lanterns smiling bright, wishing you a Happy Haunting Night! Are your readers ready for Halloween? Look no further than this post for your one stop shop for all of your Halloween needs.

Fall Fashion Sports Guide: Part Two & Three

Following on from Part 1 of our Fall Fashion Sports Guide, we bring you Part 2 and 3. Now we’ve covered all aspects of fall sports fashion for your readers, go forth and promote!

The Monthly Digest: Issue 9 – 2014

Welcome to Issue 8 of Affiliate Window’s Monthly Digest; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

New launches:

We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed advertisers on our network:

6031 (US & CA)

6016 W Concept (US)

5992 (US & CA)

5968 (US & CA)

6052 Marcelle (US & CA)

Tax Update

Debate continues over the Marketplace Fairness Act, especially given the current attempt to combine it with the Internet Tax Freedom Act. This includes letters from individual business owners, coalitions and discussions in Forbes. Proponents range from Arkansas Rep Steve Womack to President Obama, while Sen Harry Reid promises to pass it during the lame duck session after the November elections. Michigan legislators are trying to reactivate an online sales tax for that state. Arizona is billing residents for unpaid taxes for online cigarette purchases since 2006.

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