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    January 17th, 2005
    I checked my payment status and found it very unusual, so I asked for the reason and got the following answer from

    If you have earned an incentive from an advertiser for superior performance, please be aware that it will not be paid immediately. Commission Junction must wait for all of the transactions to close before we can calculate the bonus accurately. Here is a chronology of what will happen:

    First month: traffic occurs.
    Second month: regular traffic audited; payout on base commission rate.
    Third month: Extended transactions clear audit; incentive bonus value calculated.
    Fourth month: Bonus paid!........................

    Doesn't this seem to be quiet a long time in times of computers and internet?


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    It's a month shorter, if the Merchant does not use the "Extend" Feature.

    And even 2 months faster, if the Merchant always "Approves" ALL transactions during the first month.

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    Thanks Carsten,
    I will announce this to my merchant. Is it the same with incentives? I am asking this, because this is about perf. incentives.


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    That's a really good question...I was noticing in my merchant account for Eastwood that my January performance incentives just got paid out in March. We don't extend our transactions, and we usually have maybe 3 or 4 reversals per month. I don't think we could make it much easier for CJ, but it still takes that long to calculate and pay out, at least for performance incentives. When they told me that, I remember thinking that if I were an affiliate, I would probably not like that very much. And as a merchant, it's annoying to have January expenses show up in March.

    just my 2 sense...

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