Hello affiliates,

At Savile Row Online we are proud of the quality of our tailor-made menswear. If you have a taste for high quality clothing and can spread the word online here is Your Chance To Treat Yourself To Tailor-Made Shirt For Free.

And that’s not all! If the partnership proves to be fruitful then you could be updating your (or your partner’s) wardrobe with a range of Savile Row Online menswear.

Our customers are our best advocates. Become our brand advocate by using your affiliate media channels, review the product quality and get your tailor-made shirt for Free.

Feel Free to get in touch if Any of the below apply:

  • You are happy to write a review of our product
  • You focus on the fashion industry
  • You have a predominantly male audience
  • You have a female audience but can discuss their partners’ wardrobes with them
  • You have a blog or other means to post reviews - even if it’s a blog that’s part of voucher code or cashback/rebate website
  • Can utilise social media channels to spread the word

We are also happy to support your post with a competition or a give-away for your audience to encourage conversions and drive performance.

$100 Bonus
Not only will you get Free Tailor-Made shirt and earn a generous 8% commission on your sales (which is great considering the average basket value is $200) but you will also get $100 bonus after your first five sales following the campaign.

Join our affiliate program at Avantlink today and/or get in touch with me at jana.b@savilerowonline.com to discuss how you can get your tailor-made shirt for Free.

I look forward to hearing from future Savile Row Online happy customers and brand ambassadors!

Jana Banovska
Affiliate Manager