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    What affiliate type is this?
    I've been reading posts, thanks to all the posters.

    A question to clarify where my intentions might fit. Lets say I've been a writer, and a copy writer. And I've bought domains and made websites.

    I want to create a website for people with orange hair. I create the site, add content, and begin to link to sites that might have products or services for people with orange hair.

    Maybe I would be casting too wide a net, or working backwards, but that's what I'd like to do.

    Would the links I create, if they led to purchases on the linked sites, be classified as "affiliate" linking? I think what I confused about is, if a merchant link must be provided to keep track of prospective buyers sent to the merchant, tally a fee, etc., then I would end up with too many merchant links because of the variety of offerings. I understand I would be looking for an affiliate network that most closely reflected the needs of the orange haired, but what if one doesn't exist? There was this I ran onto: "Not all networks carry the same merchants. You can have as many merchants from as many networks as you like on one website" Where might I look to find out more about this?

    O.k. I'm looking around and getting a better idea on the last question. Still, any comments appreciated.

    What type, if any, of affiliate effort would what I've described be called?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Lots of questions in here, but I'll try to help you with as many as I can.

    The links you use must be affiliate links, obtained either through a network or a merchant's in-house program, in order to be paid for any sales occurring. (I'm assuming you don't have a direct relationship with the merchant which in not an affiliate relationship.)

    You will want to find the right merchants first, then work with them through a network. They may or may not all be on the same network, but you are not limited to joining only one network.

    As far as having too many merchant links, that's in your control. There are many discussions about how many links to include on a given page to maintain the balance between readability and monetization.

    If you are offering articles to people with orange hair, then you would be a content site.

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    Thanks Jeannine,

    This line is especially helpful: "You will want to find the right merchants first, then work with them through a network." That's what Iwas thinking.

    That answers a lot of my questions. Like most answers found via Internet, there is too much on affiliate networks. Simple answers are often buried in layers of collateral information.

    Thanks too for defining my affiliate type--I knew it wasn't coupons, ha. After visiting a couple of network sites, I have enough of a grasp to start outlining a home page.


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    Have you found any merchants that offer "orange hair"? What exactly are you promoting (, accessories, ?)? If it is hair...I should could use some and let me know if it can be a permanent All jokes aside, if you have difficulties finding any merchants in that niche in an affiliate network or aren't offering an affiliate can always find merchants and contact them directly and ask if you can promote or resell their products for a % (affiliate commission). Setting up an affiliate program is not that difficult (especially if you are using wordpress) or you can simply get them to join an affiliate network but this opens up the door to competition.

    Because it seems to be a specialized niche, I would keep it exclusive and try to set up things between myself and the merchant. Just my take on it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi LeadGen,

    Thans for your reply. You told me something I'd not considered. I knew that I could ask a merchant to join a network, but hadn't thought of simply offering my services to an unattached merchant for a commission. Makes perfect sense.

    Sorry, no hair products, just--as you thought--an example. If I had a genuine hair restore product, or a cure for the cold, I'd hire body guards right away, ha. I have a certain demographic in mind that would use goods and services from all sectors dedicated to their particular needs.

    thanks, Bulgakov

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