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    New SubForum? Welcome
    Just noticed this - it Looks like we've got a new Forum here at ABW.

    Pubs Arena

    CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome.

    I just looked through your offer posts/threads - but know absolutely nothing about what it is that you do. Is Pubs Arena a mix of CPS and CPA or mostly CPA? How about an intro to your company and to you, Natalie (or Frank)?
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    Hi Bill and Chuck,

    Thanks for welcoming us to ABW.

    Pubs Arena has mostly CPA offers, but we have few offers which are CPS and CPL. We are working with 70% ASOTV/DRTV market for USA and are coming with software/download, Education,Gaming, Casino and Finance offers soon.

    As suggested Natalie will be posting our introduction thread soon. Also, your expert reviews, comments and thoughts are always welcome.


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    Thanks for the welcome :)
    Hello Bill,

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I am impressed you noticed the new forum before A Best Web sent out the introduction and welcome email - that is very good to see That should be going out to everyone by tomorrow.

    Jay answered the question well and I will update our profile for the community today. We are all excited to be joining A Best Web.

    I fear I may always be known as Natalie/Frank after my ill-fated first post back in May. I will answer to both

    Thank you

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