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    Detail on Purchase made by Affiliate Link
    Hello Guru

    Am new Bee to Affiliate Marketing.. and I have joined Linkshare Affiliate program for the same.
    I was wondering is there any way to get the details on which visitor on my website has made the purchase from which target link I have place on my website for the and if was successful or not.
    For example...

    On my website I have placed link for the Amazon products and daily I have around 100 visitors on my site. And they click the link on my website and it is directed to the Amazon site for the final purchase.
    How will I know which visitor has made the final purchase or not?
    What was the total purchase amount or what is the total commission I have earned from individual visitor daily or weekly?
    How can I track the links which my visitor visits from my website and make the purchase?


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    Super Dawg Member Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound's Avatar
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    Hi Ankur, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    You ask some interesting questions for a newbie.

    First, the easier question, as to what is the purchase price a visitor paid and what is the commission: These figures are provided by the networks in their reporting. Every major network and Amazon provide the gross amount, date, and commission for every transaction, but some networks provide more additional information than others. For example, only some networks will tell you what specific product was purchased, but rather what link was clicked, so if a link for a coffee maker is clicked through, but the visitor instead buys a toaster, you will not be provided that information. However, Amazon and Linkshare both do provide the identity of each product that is actually purchased, and the individual prices and commission for each. Some networks lump together all items in a single transaction so you never know if one item or ten were purchased, or what they were.

    As to tracking visitors, that is a far different issue. As a general principle, affiliate marketers have no idea who specifically the people are who visit our sites, or who clicks through to make a purchase. However, there are some who are very tech savvy or who pay developers for software that will provide such information. People who use this type of tracking generally operate membership/loyalty type sites, so they can get their visitors to register in exchange for incentives, then their personal system can track their activities.

    Maybe someone who does have this type of personal tracking system will respond here.

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    Thanks Phil for the reply... and great information..

    yes, for the second questions regarding tracking visitors I would like someone who has experience in this area in regarding personal tracking system for membership/loyalty.


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    about tracking in affiliate program
    Hello sir,
    as u said the the amount of purchase made by my link/banner , can be tracked if the user as unique ID in my website.....k if my user as unique ID and he is purchasing from my link, how to know the amount he purchased from my link?
    please help me

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    Affiliate Network Rep JCrooks - AffiliateWindow's Avatar
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    As Phil said, the purchase amount for a transaction should appear in your account, along with the date and commission amount, whether it's a network or Amazon.

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