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    How I made my first $1,000 and what my strategy has been
    Hey, everyone! I'm a longtime lurker and have gathered a lot of useful information from a lot of you. Since you helped me get started I thought I would finally create an account and share with everyone that I finally made my first $1000 this month off of my first website!! And since everyone was so helpful to me I thought I'd give a short explanation of what I did and maybe it will come in handy for another newbie!

    My website?...

    How does it make money? Off of affiliate programs, right now mainly Amazon's affiliate program but there are a few more on there as well.

    How did I chose the domain and niche? I used Google Trends to type in keywords to see what were popular things for people to search for. (see below for more details on how those tools came in handy for me) After trying all sorts of combinations of interests I got the idea to make a website to help people chose gifts for their family. I then went to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and found out that a lot of people search for things like "Gift Ideas For Dad" - so I headed over to HostGator to see if domains like that were available and sure enough "GiftIdeasDad-dot-com" was there! So I swooped up all the different Gift Idea domains I could (spent about $400). Starting with my dad gift site, I built it up with Wordpress using a framework called StudioPress. It's a clean frame so it's already SEO friendly. I then pumped it full of fun gifts and tried to write entertaining snippets to go along with everything.

    How is it ranking on the first page of Google? Well, it was a long road for sure. But one nice trick you can keep in mind is that Google favors domains that have the keywords people are searching for built into the website. For me the search term I wanted to rank high for was 'Gift Ideas For Dad' so I bought ''. With just that domain, and building a clean website with no errors, and having unique content on the website it ranked up to the first page. Right now it is sitting between #5 and #6 since other sites are ramping up for the holidays, but earlier it was around #2 almost #1. Now, I'm not really sure how to get it past there, but the amount of traffic coming in on the first page has been great so I'm happy. These results could stick or they could drop at this point, I'm really not quite sure. I am still working on the site adding items and making adjustments.

    How long did it take to make $1000? About 5 months, but it didn't really start ramping up making money until the last 3 months when it really secured its spot on the first page of Google. It makes 200-300 dollars a month off of affiliate programs and looking at Google Trends I can see that the bulk people searching for gift ideas is just around the corner for November and December so if it can hold out on the top of Google I think it may make 1,000 or 2,000 dollars! I'm pretty excited, but I'm also not holding my breath since I could definitely see other gift companies pulling some SEO tricks to push their website above mine.

    How did I do my research? Using Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner I can see that more people actually search with the 'for' in the search term for this particular sort of search. Just in case anyone isn't familiar with using Google's keyword tools here's a little breakdown of how I use those tools to estimate how many people would search for 'gift ideas for dad'.


    Google Trends measures how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world.

    When I compare the search term 'gift ideas dad' and 'gift ideas for dad' on Google Trends it shows that they are both searched for nearly identical frequency-(

    Google Adwords Keyword Planner measures volume on how many searches are entered for particular search-terms.

    For 'gift ideas dad' we get a high of about 1,400 searches during the holiday season last December 2013: (

    For 'gift ideas for dad' we get a high of about 60,000 searches during the holiday season last December 2013: (

    You can use these numbers to help estimate what to expect the next year.

    My site doesn't rank up as high for the term 'gifts for dad' but I wish it did, it got about 200,000 searches last December: ( It is a term I should start writing more in the site so it might rank up more and I think I'll do that


    And at least that's how I am learning to understand all of this. I've also only been doing this for about a year now so I could be off on some points and I would greatly appreciate any other input on this method! I have about 27 more gift idea related domains I'm planning on building up in the next year and hopefully by this time in 2015 I'll be talking about my first 10k

    If you have any questions ask! If you have any suggestions please do tell!
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    This is a good post for all newbies. Shd be stickied.

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    Really good post you had shared all most every steps if you might have shared some SEO strategy How you had ranked it might help us to as well.

    Thanks for sharing

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