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    Customer Preference Long Link vs. Short Link?
    Does anybody have insight as to whether customers respond better to long links or shortened links such as SAS 'license plate' links?

    I have searched ABW and didn't find the answer, I also Googled the question and the only info I can find relates to HTML & SEO and is somewhat dated. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places.


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    Honestly, It comes down to the market. From my tests some niche's respond better to short links, others long links, and some it doesn't matter.

    Most of the time though the improvement is so incremental that it doesn't really effect the bottom line.

    The biggest boost I've gotten from those test are less then a percentile, most of the time less then 0.5%, so I'd focus on bigger elements to split test that can add a few percentage points to your overall CVR.

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