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    i need help marketing my affiliate links
    Hi my name is ramon middleton and i am new to the internet marketing thing. I need help getting my link traffic which converts to sales. what are some tips and tricks that I can use to become a 5 figure a month marketer.

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    This question is asked over and over and has been answered over and over. Search the forum fo info, as veterans have been more than helpful in the past, but do not have the time to continually repeat the same information. If you have specific questions, you are more likely to receive worthwhile answers.

    And, while long-range success is always a noble goal, five-figures-per-month would get you into the top 5% of affiliates. A much more realistic approach is to work on two figures, then three figures, and then four, before ever thinking of five.

    Oh, and "tricks" are not used by legitimate, "white hat" marketers.

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    Get to know your audience and the people who will be willing to buy the products that you are trying to promote. Do a little research on demographics, also check what other affiliates are doing. Search for convincing presells. You may also want to consider buying your traffic, PPC is an option.

    It truly depends on your niche and your verticals.

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