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    New member with the usual questions.
    Hi all,

    I just signed up after looking through the usual rubish and noticing this forum is a bit more realistic and members know what they are doing. Im a freelance web developer and have always been a bit sceptical about internet marketing etc as I have been making websites for a long time and have met the con men who make money selling courses etc.

    Recently I have had a couple of clients who run affiliate sites that have had no problem paying out good money to work on their sites that are obviously converting very well for them. This has made me change my opinion so in the hope of making myself some money I decided to put my trade to use for myself.

    I have owned a domain name for a couple of years (A project that never got off the ground) that is a good tld for one of the most visited towns in Ireland. After a bit of research I figured I would go for accommodation booking affiliation and I developed the site. I know its not just a case of throwing up a few links etc and its going to take work so I have started putting together and extensive, unique things to do site for the town I own the domain for. I have so far 30+ pages full of unique content and step by step guides to all the walking trails, maps and pages full of unique content for all the beaches etc and I have a lot more content to create. I could actually turn it in to a full time job and not run short of things to write about ha.

    Anyways as this is turning in to a stupidly long first post I will stop going on and ask my questions.

    I have yet to get a single visitor. I know what is required of me to get the traffic but I thought after owning the domain for nearly 2 years and adding 30+ pages of good content Google would show me a bit of natural love but no. This is where I need to learn. I know nothing on the seo front but if anyone could help me out a little with some suggestions on how to get links etc proper I would happily return the favour with any development questions.

    The second question is the age old question how much could I earn realistically. My main competition has an average site and is getting 16-20 thousand visits a month. Google keyword suggests 10 - 15 thousand searches a month for the town in question. With that amount of traffic running hotel booking affiliate systems what would I be looking at? I know its not going to make me rich but with the amount of work I would have to put in I would want the end product to be pulling in a few hundred a week. Is that a possible goal? Or do I stick to my day job?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome, John. Thanks for giving us the background on your site, and I'll do my best to help where I can on this.

    Though you've owned the domain for a while,sounds like the content is new, so it must be spidered and ranked to start generating visitors. Google has been known to take their sweet time about this. In addition to the articles, do you have a blog? Keep putting up fresh content at least a few times a week to help get the Google spider's attention.

    Are there places where you can post, perhaps forums or websites talking about the area? Don't do a hard sell - you'll need to start participating actively before you should even consider mentioning or putting up a link to your site, but that can be useful too.

    Are you only pursuing the most active keywords for the area? Sounds like you have some tough competition there, so perhaps you can start with some of the long-tail keywords, and start by owning those, then moving up. In case you're not family with the long-tail proposition, instead of trying to optimize "mytown hotels" work on "mytown hotels with family friendly pools." One nice thing is that frequently the longer the search query word count, the more likely someone is ready to buy rather than just shop.

    Have you created a social media presence? Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram page? These are all good ways to attract traffic back to your site, and cost time more than money. Consider it creating your personal brand online.

    Can you someday earn a decent living from this site? I'd say yes. I run a couple of hotel programs, so I can see what they are capable of doing. It doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen, if you keep working on it, keep building the site, studying the analytics.

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    NO traffic? Any chance you are building with WordPress and have had the site so long you forgot to turn off the "Discourage robots" in your settings?

    If you haven't set up an account at Google's Webmaster Tools yet, it can help you submit new information and find and fix issues that Google might have crawling the site. Bing also offers a Webmaster Tools site, it doesn't hurt to get as much information as you can about how the various search engines see your site.

    Before signing up it helps to do basic checking to see that your site is ready to be presented to the public with the privacy policies and contact pages in place, a proper robots.txt file and if possible, a design that is responsive and accommodates mobile traffic. A sitemap is not mandatory, but it gives you more control over crawling and indexing of the pages you want to be seen.

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    As a newbie as well , i found the answers to this post really helpful. Thank for the in-depth answer.

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    I agree about the Webmaster accounts. I've been using one with Goole for a while and just got one with Bing as well. The information they provide has been useful in ensuring my site is well 'maintained'

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