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    Affiliate Marketing Is Fun
    Is it fun or is it fun and games?

    Merchant #1 ...I had 1.21% conversion rate....then they changed networks.....2000 clicks later and not one sale.....Looking for a replacement

    Merchant #2....Just this week, I received and unexpected $50.00 bonus...This is incentive to increase my promotions of merchant #2.......

    I am just making comments......Not to prove any thing.
    You must climb this mountain. There is no elevator. ---- Don't stick your finger in the liquid nitrogen.
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    Unfortunately, the number ones happen with significantly more regularity than the number twos.

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    At least this time it was one step forward to go with the one step back..

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    After Q4 merchants will be looking for affiliates to promote. You would think a single AM could figure out those affiliates who sent traffic but saw a drop in sales. I guess they may be job hoping and could care less!

    I sincerely hope affiliates will vote with their feet. 1.2% commission should get a nasty worded email (not foul language) stating you will take your business (and traffic) elsewhere.

    This week my client again asked how we get more affiliates making sales. Am always looking for low traffic, good converting affiliates to reach out to and see what we can do more together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil kaufman aka affiliatehound View Post
    unfortunately, the number ones happen with significantly more regularity than the number twos.


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