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    Smile A long journey
    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to share with you my long journey to where I am today. I hope that others will get something out of it

    I started selling on eBay about 12 years ago. I was buying a used laptop for myself, and I saw that the prices were pretty different from different sellers, even for the same model. How good their photos were, how they had priced it, etc all played into the final price. So I bought one that I thought was a good deal and then I decided that maybe I could just sell it back at a higher price with better photos and description.

    It worked.

    It sold for about $200 more than I bought it for, and that began my love of buying and selling online - working my own hours and ""being my own boss"". I continued to buy and sell laptops for a while, before branching into other categories as well. I was making a decent living. Not driving the ""fancy cars"" or hanging out with supermodels every day (or ever!), but I could take time off whenever I wanted to, which was awesome especially around the holidays.

    As I got more interested in selling online, I played with different affiliate programs as a way to make money too: Amazon was first of course, then CJ and some others. I love not having to deal with shipping and inventory, but I don't like how much control and profit I give up to the big guys. I can't set the price I sell at, and it kinda feels like I'm just hocking products instead of having my own thing.

    Working on both sides (selling on eBay and then also promoting affiliate links) led me to think ""what if somebody combined the two?"" Why not have a place where people could upload just like eBay and then other people could sell for them just like Amazon & CJ? I thought it must exist, but I searched and search and found nothing. I didn't know much about computer programming, but I decided that I wanted to try to create something like that because it could really help a lot of people.

    Today I have joined with some people that are much smarter than me and a great computer programmer and we are starting to build my dream into a reality. It feels so awesome to get up every morning and do something that will help people live on their own and ""be their own boss"". It has been a long journey and there is a lot more to come.

    I just want to tell everyone out there that is hustling every day to live out their dreams to keep going and keep trying new things. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. I've been knocked down so many times I lost track, but I kept going and everything has worked out fine so far. And I get to know that I did it my way

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    Welcome to ABW. Sounds like you've been working on line for quite a while. Keep participating in the forums and you'll get the chance in the future to tell us about your project. For now, it's nice to just get to know you first. Where do you live?

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    Hi Jeannine! Thanks for the kind welcome

    I'm from Georgia originally but living in California now. I'll be happy to participate in the forums. Hopefully I can be helpful for any marketplace or affiliate topics!

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    Hello Cora. I am sure we'll all learn a lot from your experience

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    Hi Cora, and welcome to AbestWeb.

    Interesting concept you're working on, but how does it differ from what Amazon is now, with people and companies putting their products up, and Amazon Associates promoting them?

    Where in California are you?

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    Hi Phil, in Sunnyvale, CA

    Well the site differs from Amazon in that the sellers/promoters get to set their own prices and brand the store how they want. Amazon affiliates today basically just create a link to Amazon, with the price set by Amazon, and they get a percent of that. We want to let the seller set the price (some amount above what the supplier wants in order to ship it), and the seller can also brand the store however they want.

    Does that make sense?

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    Sounds like wholesaling?
    Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. -Wizardress of Oz

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