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    November 11th, 2014
    Unhappy I own a half million members LinkedIn group how can i benefit from it
    Hi there;

    I own a half million members group but i really don't know how i can generate income from it.

    I have tried using CJ network but they don't allow to send any of their adds through LinkedIn or Facebook

    Also tried Click Bank but most of their products is been considered as Spams

    I tried creating websites and make my group members visit my site but that generates very small amount

    You guys are the expert in market please guide me

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    I don't think anyone wants to touch this one as it feels pretty spammy. I know I didn't join LinkedIn, and I don't join Groups there to get marketed to. It might even be against their T's and C's to affiliate link. I'd do a little homework first and see if it's even an option.
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    Why did those people join your group? What are they expecting by being part of it? Unless you keep delivering on those promises, you'll never have a good response from them. I think Wade is right too, about spamming them with offers.

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    I network a lot on LinkedIn and get invitations weekly to join groups. It has to be a referral from someone I know and not just someone I am connected to. In the beginning I joined tons of groups but have since left most as they are irrelevant to what I do for a living.

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    Thank you guys for your response

    It is a recruitment group and it is doing very well with a lot of jobs and it is in the group policy that they would get sponsor adds and that is shown to them before their membership approval

    Would you suggest any company that would want to send advertisement and pay per lead where can i find those companies

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    I am still waiting for your opinions please

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    I am not an expert on this, but this idea just popped up in my mind.

    Imagine what would you have done if instead of a forming a group and building membership, you started an email newsletter and build subscribers. Then you would communicate with these subscribers every week giving them something valuable - information, ebooks, coupons etc depending on the topic - for free. Once you have earned their trust, you start throwing in some mutually beneficial offers every once a while.

    Now, I don't think there is a huge difference between treating your group members different from email subscribers, except that a group is more interactive and encourages participation. As an admin of your group, you have the power to send broadcasts to your members. You can use that to communicate with them often, build trust and start monetizing.

    However, one should be extremely careful and actually deliver value in these emails. It'll take just one wrong email to break that trust and make people opt out of the group.

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