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    Is this considered as valid affiliate sale?

    This is my second post here and I am learning abc of affiliate marketing at this stage, so excuse me if this is stupid question.

    As my first product, I have picked up flex belt product. Today, I noticed that, on official site of flex belt (, if you enter order details and try to close the page, it gives 25% discount and redirects you to another link.

    Say, I have embedded flex belt affiliate link in my site. Someone visits my site, clicks on affiliate link and then gets 25% discount offer popup and place an order from that link. Is it still considered as valid affiliate sale and I will be paid for this sale?

    Logically, it seems like valid affiliate sale but as I have just started here, like to validate this.

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    It may depend on how they are implementing the 25% discount offer. There are companies which offer this service as a way of closing a sale that was about to disappear, but if they are successful, they get credit for the sale rather than the original affiliate. Other merchants have their own in-house pop-up offering the deal and still pay the affiliate commission. So the answer to your question is ... it depends.

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    Ask the affiliate manager for an official answer. If the answer is yes, it does qualify as an affiliate sale, then if possible do a test purchase.

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    Thanks Jeannine and Sam. In this case, official website of flex belt offers 25% discount popup when user is about to leave the site.

    I will surely ask affiliate manager for the answer and confirm with test sale as appropriate.

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