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    Do I need to rethink this whole thing? Getting nervous...
    Got interested in affiliate marketing a couple of weeks ago as it seemed like a great way for me to start earning money doing what I spend a lot of time doing anyhow, writing. I did a little research, started to learn the ins and outs of WordPress, bought a couple of domains, and started writing like crazy. I have almost enough material to feel comfortable launching my first blog, and I figured it's a good time to start finding who I am going to affiliate with. I have some online music stores in mind, and was very hopeful about what I read regarding Clickbank, and my initial visits to the site a week or 2 ago. Today was the day I decided to get real, and start jotting down the actual products I will promote... and now I'm in a slight panic...

    Every single link I clicked that was related to musicians (my first blog site will be about starting and running a musical group), looked like a scam. If not a scam, it was something that would make it look like I was trying to scam people if I linked them to these pages. And destroy any reputation (or trust) I'm hoping to build. I used a bunch of different keywords and went through pages and pages clicking links, and they all looked frightening as hell.

    Is this what affiliate marketing is about? Or am I on the wrong track, wrong website? I was hoping to be able to link to products I use and/or could develop some faith in with a little research, not a "Learn guitar in 7 days" program from a "real working musician" for $149.

    Please advise... I'm hoping to be nudged back onto the road I was feeling very hopeful about being on. You know, the one that has sunshine and what looks from a distance like a rainbow passed these clouds and rain.

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    There's much more out there than Clickbang

    Nervous is a good thing, trust your inner radar! Maybe expand your scope, there's folks at all levels who love music and want to learn to play.

    1. There's many legit learn-to-play instrument vendors.
    2. Promote indie artists and their CDs (YouTube Music Key for fans, iTunes, Amazon)
    3. Tab, technique, etc. instructional books (Amazon, other vendors)
    4. Used equipment vendors with affiliate programs.
    5. Tickets to concerts
    6. ____________ (your expanded ideas)

    Once you get a following (and I'm sure you will), you'll be able to attract advertisers such as promoters, booking agents, etc. and place banners.

    Yep, you'll make mistakes, promote duds at times and learn to recover. Despite butterflies, jump in! The cold water is refreshing!
    Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. -Wizardress of Oz

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    No, that's not what affiliate marketing is all about. There are may other ways to get started in this industry. There are also many other music-related programs on other networks, perhaps consider checking some of them out. Check out some of the threads on this forum about some of the companies you've mentioned, and you can get quite an education.

    You may also want to be reasonable in your expectations. This is not an industry which happens overnight. The "systems" which claim that if you follow their templates you will make a lot of money in a week really only make money for the authors of the system.

    That said, there's a tremendous amount of opportunity in affiliate marketing, but it takes time and effort. Your passion for music is obvious. That can serve you well in this industry. Find merchants that you would like to promote. I found Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, and Music 123 in about two minutes. Focus on top quality merchant programs, build a site with evergreen content, and you'll have something that will last for years.

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    I love this place . Thanks.

    Musiciansfriend and all the other online stores are included in my plan, for sure. I've already written a lot regarding shopping online for musical instruments. I have tons of experience with all those online stores, and I'm looking forward to affiliating with them. Have to admit though that I am still a tad hesitant to dip more than my toe in the water, but realize I will soon have to. Don't know enough yet about this whole business to not possibly wind up with a face full of mud.

    My intention is to get a good solid 10 articles/blogs up, possibly have the people here have a look and offer some suggestions (can we do that?), and then start actually start hooking up my links and promoting. Does that sound like a good plan, or might it be better to just get it going immediately... and add, build, redesign then?

    Also, duh!, I didn't realize I could affiliate with Amazon. Have a lot to learn regarding that. Have a lot to learn about all of this, but I'm incredibly enthusiastic. I've gotten passions for things in the past, but they're usually over with in a few days time. This one is becoming an obsession , but an awesome one!

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    Most of the people who post on this forum don't use clickbank. We promote physical products. For you that could be musical instruments, sheet music, cds, mp3s, etc..

    If you write good articles about these things you will be on the right track. It might take a while but you will make sales.

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bongo View Post
    My intention is to get a good solid 10 articles/blogs up, possibly have the people here have a look and offer some suggestions (can we do that?), and then start actually start hooking up my links and promoting. Does that sound like a good plan, or might it be better to just get it going immediately... and add, build, redesign then?
    There is a school of thought for both approaches.

    I personally have always included affiliate links from the beginning.

    You can post a link to your site in the Site Review forum.

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