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    Getting the most out of an onlin Shopping site

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can read about, or participate in to start an online Shopping store. I have affiliates with Amazon, Walmart, and Share-a-sale, but am wanting to add an "extra" dimension to the site to make it more than just a "shopper's site" Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    That's one of the toughest aspects about creating a new site in a crowded space - finding a differentiating niche. Not sure that anyone will suggest something, but perhaps brainstorm and come up with a long list, and spend a lot of time on the sites you view as your competitors and see what makes each of them different from the others. They've already locked into their approach, so now you can see where there's a gap and fill it.

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    Treat your site as if you were branding it.
    How would your brand stand out?
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    RobP, that's the $80,000 question!*

    Come up with the right answer, and >>> $$$

    The wrong answer, and you'll be slaving away with the rest of us.

    Back in school in the early 70's I had a prof that would write $80,000 on the board, and ask a tough question, and say if you could answer that question, you'll be making $80,000/year.

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