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    Finding Change of Terms to Insertion Order
    I've gotten two emails saying the terms of the Target Insertion Order have changed.

    When I received the first one, I clicked on an included link to "View Insertion Order". A new page opened with this message:

    "the request has been identified as attempted cross-site request forgery"
    Not too cool. And I was logged in to Impact Radius at the time I clicked the link.

    I then went to the Impact Radius site and looked at the terms of the Target insertion order, and there was no "old", no "new", only the terms.

    Awhile later, I received a second email, that appeared identical, and I clicked the view link on this one, and got a new page with that same "forgery" message.

    What gives with this and how do we see what the CHANGES in the insertion order are?

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    I got the same Phil,

    But when I clicked the Red balloon at the top right, it has a dropdown that shows the latest insertion orders.
    I couldn't see any changes....
    If you do let me know what the heck they are!
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    heh - Unfortunately, I got the same (4) emails (dupes). I gave the first one a click - saw that crap - and deleted all four without prejudice. I did OK with Target when they were are GAN, did nothing at PJ/EAN, and "will" do nothing with them at IR.

    I'm busy creating inventory for my retirement (fun) business. I've actually sold a few of my original art prints this month. I'm not about to take time with poorly managed programs. In fact I will be closing down a few sites and "expiring" merchants that are more pain than profit.
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    I looked into the "cross site request forgery" issue. It appears to be browser related. There is moreinformation here - Cross-site request forgery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The issue with the Target IOs had to do with them sending out a change and then reverting back to the original IO terms. So you would have never seen a changed version.

    Sorry for the confusion.
    Todd Crawford
    Co-Founder, Impact Radius

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