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    I am struggling with figuring out what to do about an affiliate network.

    I have created a website to support highly sensitive people (people with a different nervous system what takes in all the energy around them). It is 4 years old and has a library, blog, ebook newsletter and strong social media accounts (Twitter 11K, FB page 6600 etc). My traffic is 10-15K per month.

    Then I created 2 online courses that help HSPs feel more confident and help them figure out where they belong in the world. My prices are $400-1400; the higher priced courses include coaching.

    I have just released the courses so I am at the beginning stage of monetization which means I cannot afford CJ for sure. I also migrated my website to the New Rainmaker platform by Copyblogger so I actually could do an affiliate program myself through them.

    I offer a 30 day money back guarantee so I wanted to pay commissions on the 31st day to keep it clean which apparently is difficult on some networks like Shareasale. And obviously I need to minimize all of the fraud issues.

    I am getting the feeling that most networks are oriented toward hard goods so I am wondering what my strategy should be and would appreciate advice and suggestions. Thanks!
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    We have an extensive list of networks listed in the forum list. Work you way through the list and interview them. You can also use your site as an affiliate application and survey what similar programs are out there and what they are offering affiliates. Consider it R&D while you figure out where to land your affiliate program.

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    Chuck is right about doing the research. I would suggest you review OneNetworkDirect which is part of Digital River. They are very strong in digital download products, working with high quality merchants like McAfee, Hallmark and Rosetta Stone.

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    Thanks for making me aware of this post. And Thank YOU Jeannine, for mentioning oND.

    Soccy, The website sounds interesting. I might benefit from a little of that kind of support myself.

    Feel free to join the oneNetworkDirect as an affiliate for a better view of the 100+ Programs which are Software, games, and consumer electronics. Let me know if you have any questions.

    All the Best & Continued Success
    Danny K. - Network Administrator, Digital River-, Email:

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