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    Abandon any merchant using the Upsellit Cart Abandonment Service
    Here is what I learned first hand last week.

    I was making a purchase on They were a retailer of mine and
    they routinely gave us 20% off coupons to promote. So I was making a purchase of about
    $40 or so on the Pharmaca site via my affiliate link.

    I put the items in the cart, applied my 20% off coupon, got distracted by an email
    so I answered the email. So about 10 - 15 minutes went by(if that) and I went back to my
    shopping cart for Pharmaca. There was a popup which said enter your email address
    and we will give you 25% off your order. I was like ok. So I did put in my email,
    then it immediately showed me the coupon code for 25% off in the popup. So I copied it and used it completing my checked out.

    The purchase did not track to my account, so I sent an email off to a contact over at Avantlink.
    It tracked - for Upsellit. The cart abandonment company.

    Now I can understand and respect a true cart abandonment, a few days later or even a day later
    sending an email out, and they truly latch on to you an make the sale for the merchant. But
    what happened to me in my mind is pure theft of commission and cookie within a single
    session. There is no room for this in my mind.

    So if anyone sees a merchant using Upsellit, ABANDON THEM.

    My Best,

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    unless the merchant has a 15-minute cookie this violates your agreement with them.

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    Moved thread from Unethical Affiliates forum to Unethical Merchants forum.

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    I'm emailing a link to this thread to the affiliate manager.

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