Doogee releases new rugged smartphone at a very competitive price and a programmable button.

By the end of this month Doogee is going to be releasing its second rugged smartphone, as always, at a very competitive price. The new member of the family is going to be called the Dg700 Titans 2, after the Titans. It features an quad-core running at 1.3 Ghz with 1GB of RAM plus, which is remarkable being an rugged phone.

One of the features that attract more attention on this device is its battery, boasting a really big 4000mAh integrated lithium battery combined with fast charging and ultra power saving mode, it last much longer than its predecessor. In in nice touch, it can even be used to charge other mobiles and works as a power bank.

The Dg700 is charged with surprises and extra functions that tell it apart from other devices, among them is the programmable button. With the programmable button you can control your device like never before, disguised like a normal button next to the power one, it allows you to configure it to do whatever you want. It can be configured to open you mail, skip a song, open your internet browser, take a picture, the limit is your imagination…

While we are at control, it is worth mentioning the “Jedi-like” functions that allow among other things; to turn a page by just waving a hand in front of the device, to engage the hand free mode but just hovering one hand over the device or simply by picking it up and putting it next to your ear when you want to place a call.

Just like any other Doogee device, it comes with the famous “smart gestures”. The smart gestures are a special function with which one can do several things without even having to unlock the dg700. Just by drawing a “C” you get your camera directly, draw a vertical line, skip a song, etc.. all this functions are configurable and can be changed to do other things.

Did we miss anything? Oh yeah, it also comes with HotKnot, so you can pass your files from one mobile to another without wifi, bluetooth 4.0, leatherback, guess account, 3 finger screenshot, and.. Did we mention is a rugged phone? That’s right, the TITANS2 DG700 holds IP67 certification, besides being a remarkable smartphone this little beast is good for a walk through the jungle, or a stroll in desert, water, dust and impact proof, with a range of temperatures from -40 celsius, all the way up to 85.

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>>DOOGEE TITANS 2 DG700 4.5-inch MTK6582 Waterproof Outdoor Smartphone<<

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