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    Pls share your experience of afft timings & reliability
    Hi all,

    We're new to afft marketing and wanted to hear your experiences in any of three specific areas:

    - How quickly do afft networks notify you of each sale? Is it instant?

    - Is there an issue with some of your referred sales not being tracked by the afft networks? If so roughly what percentage of them and what do you do about it?

    - How do the afft networks perform when tracking sales made on mobile browsers?

    Thanks for sharing any experience everyone!

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    The answer to each of your questions is "it depends", but I'll try to tell you how most networks operate based on the ones I've worked with and for.

    As an affiliate, you'll usually see the sale show up in your account fairly quickly after the transaction response is confirmed by the merchant. In some cases it will be within a minute or two, but sometimes you'll need to wait a little longer.

    Sales tracking does vary by network. You'll have to ask each network about that.

    Most network have mobile tracking in place, but some are better than others when it comes to initial testing. Once again, you'll need to ask each network about their testing process for mobile transactions.

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