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    November 28th, 2014
    Please help me to find out
    I need an urgent help. I have a old facebook fan page with 1500+ like. Last time I update it in November 22, 2013.
    But few days ego my page got 2k like, most of them from Algeria. I can't understand what happened, how can I know? I checked page insight, but can't figure out what happened recently that this page get so many likes. Do you recommend me any tools or suggestions that can help me to find it out?


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    This should not be a major issue, in my opinion. Facebook promotes fan pages on its own. If your page is popular in Algeria, it is most likely that Facebook will show your page to Algerians more often. One of my pages is extremely popular in the Middle East and I do nothing to promote it in this region. So, I do not see any reasons to be worried about.

    Having said that, just keep a tab on the activities on your page. If there's anything which is against the FB guidelines, you should be prompt enough to respond appropriately.

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    Is the content even remotely appropriate to Algeria?

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