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    Advice for newbie
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here. I would like to start doing internet affiliate marketing full time starting today. I have no experience nor do I have a website. For now. I'm 47 years old. I plan on building one (authority site ) and/more eventually. I read tons of stuff about IM the last 2 weeks but a lot of info out there is plain bull***. I'm glad I found this place because it seems to be much more serious and realistic.
    Once my website is up and running with enough content, I would like to do PPC to generate traffic and sales. I can afford it but I wonder about the learning curve. I'm in no hurry because I want to build a "business" (not some stupid quick fix ) and I wouldn't mind SEO but I got 12 months to generate enough income to pay the bills ( 1500/month).
    Is going with paid traffic a good option, considering the 12 month timeframe?
    If so, what about getting approved when you have no experience? (once the website is running and credible ).
    What about building more than one site? I'd rather concentrate on only one to start with but more sites bring more revenu ( although 10 shitty sites would still equal 0 ).
    I don't mind "trial and error" but I wouldn't like to wake up in 6 months realizing that I made huge stupid mistakes.
    What's my best option? What road should I take?

    Thanks a million. I value your advice/opinion.

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    Affiliate Network Rep JCrooks - AffiliateWindow's Avatar
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    Welcome to ABW, Mike. Lots of questions, but I'll try to help with as many as I can.

    I suggest you start with one site and use it as a learning experience. Doesn't mean it won't perform or succeed, but there are so many items one needs to master that only having one site to focus on will be much easier than trying to launch many. Glad to hear that you want to build a business, not an overnight success, cause that's the necessary approach for long-lasting success. And yes, there is a lot of @#$# out there.

    SEO can perform well and many of the ABW affiliates use that as their primary traffic source. Once you've got a site up and running you can decide if you want to supplement traffic with PPC, but if you build a strong authority site following best practices you may not need to do so.

    You can get approved into most programs with a valid site even if your traffic is low to start; that's expected, but if the site looks good merchants understand that the traffic will come.

    You will make mistakes. We all have. It's part of the learning process. ABW members share a lot of info, though, so hopefully we can help mitigate the problems. You'll find many threads here on almost every topic, so consider this forum a huge encyclopaedia on affiliate marketing.

    You'll also see that the opinions often don't agree. That's one of the other fun aspects of this industry - there's frequently more than one way to do things. When people are discussing their differences of opinion, they usually offer their reasons why. You'll need to pick the one that's right for you.

    Welcome to the industry!

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    Hi Mike, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    You've got a good grasp of some of the nuts & bolts of internet marketing, and the basics of affiliate marketing parts of it can be picked up fairly quickly.

    The best way to learn is to do it, even if what you're doing is not 100% perfect - very little cannot be fixed.

    Keep reading here as you work, and then ask specific questions. Also, when you have your (1st) site up and running, post it in the site review forum, and you'll get plenty of insight into what you've done right and what you've done not so right.

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