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    January 18th, 2005
    Take off eh?
    Happy Birthday to one of my first domains
    Random fact, it's one of my domains birthdays. Never really paid attention before besides paying for renewals but looking at it I am a little surprised that I have had this one for 16 years. Legally it can drive now.
    Told it to get out there, find a job and make some more money.
    Hopefully it listens better than my kids
    This wasn't my first domain, I let those go years ago but it's now my oldest.

    I have no idea why I shared this
    Been away, now I'm back. Not as much, but I'm back & starting from scratch. Where I was, was fantastic. Where I am now, less so. Things have changed, become harder. So have I. Game ON!!!

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    Happy Birthday, oldest current domain. Take good care of your Daddy now and make him lots of $$$.
    Jeannine Crooks - Always happy to share what I know! - Voted Best Network Rep 2013 & 2014
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    West Covina, CA

    p.s. Let me know where it is driving so I can stay a couple thousand miles away.
    Since June 10, 2012 a vegan aarf but still writing the Hound Dawg Sports Blog
    "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" -John Wooden;
    "Raj, there’s no place for truth on the internet." -Howard Wolowitz[/SIZE]

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    Happy Birthday to "one of your first" domains.

    I've got two OldAgers that have been driving for a while and one of those will be eligible to vote next year.
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
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    If you are too busy to laugh you are too busy.

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    Gotta watch those "kiddies" when they can drive and vote. I have a couple that are just "in school"... thought I'd get some time for myself, but alas, the opposite is true.

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    Just think of all you've been through together! First it was frames, blinky gifs, a Guest Book and webrings. Look how things have changed. Or not. It's been fun, so celebrate!

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    That's great to hear that you've got the domain for so long! Congratulations!

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    Good for you man. Many more good birthdays are ahead! -Joe

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    My oldest domain would turn 16 in October, but in 2001 my registrar screwed something up and it got expired, so now it's only 13 y.o.
    ~3 bucks a day from PPC, some other stuff and in 2001 I got my Alvarez. Not Yairi, but back then I paid 650 bucks for it. Playing it brings those memories every time. My gf in the US was cashing the checks and putting all the dollars into an envelope. And when I finally arrived, that's what I had. True story! Oh yeah I'm a freaking Russian

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