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    Linkshare reporting Q (Sorry if in wrong spot- total Newb)
    Everywhere I've searched, I'm not finding an answer to this Linkshare problem.

    I officially flipped the switch on Linkshare affiliate marketing on November 19. My first sale was on Nov 28. however, I didn't even see that sale posted until Dec 5. In fact, my Nov 29th sales were posted before the sales I had on the 28th!

    Also I have affiliates with just 5 companies through Linkshare, and only one company is showing sales at all- and those are 5-6 days behind in reporting.

    Is this a typical problem with Linkshare? Is it a company issue or a Linkshare issue? How the heck am I supposed to know what's working currently if I don't know until a week later what worked last week? At this time of year I feel as though this is important information that I should know almost immediately.

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    Yes, And Linkshare has a forum here, Suggest you look @ this forum
    Where's the Great Life of Affiliate Marketing Hiding?

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    oooh thank you!

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    Moved to LS forum

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