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    Yahoo selling photos from Flickr
    If you use Flickr, you should know that Yahoo may be selling your images but not sharing the proceeds. WebPro News offered an article about it.

    Yahoo Angers Photographers By Selling Their Work

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    That's too unfair for photographer side but it can be settle in peaceful talk on both sides.

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    This is old news isn't it? I'm sure it's been in the t&c for a long time, it's why I've never considered using Flickr.

    Lots of Flickr images also turn up on Wikimedia Commons for anyone to use for free.

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    It's not real old news, Paul. I't been a hot topic on an art forum (I joined this year) for the last two weeks. Those "terms" are the reason I, too, have never used Flickr. However, I doubt most amateur photographers ever read, understand, or care about the TOS. And most of the snapshot shooters likely won't care about the news.

    Quote Originally Posted by ridgley
    That's too unfair for photographer side but it can be settle in peaceful talk on both sides.
    WHAT? Can I have some of whatever-it-is-that you're smokin'?
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