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    I am new to all this. I have a big question?
    I own a Luxury Dive Travel company and I was wondering if affiliates could market my services? I have looked all over the web for people who market products but have been unable to find affiliates who specialize in marketing high end services. I charge $2000+ a day for my services. If I was to pay 10% commission, then the person selling would have an easier job, maybe. Anyway it would be nice to hear your thoughts, seeing as you're the experts.

    Thank you.
    Ben James

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    Ben, welcome. How does your process work? Are you reliant on people to call you or a call center to get the sale made? Or do they buy online? If they buy online, is the process generating business now? What is your conversion rate?

    Affiliate marketing is great at driving traffic into sales funnels that already work effectively. It's not good at all at driving traffic at untested sites/sales funnels as the affiliates that know what they are doing will only invest time and money and talent into promoting businesses that are good risks.

    Push your answers back up here and we'll see if we can help.
    Wade Tonkin - Affiliate Manager - Fanatics|||
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