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    What is best way to get affiliates in the program?
    My website has more than 3 years of sales with zero refund. I am using Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook to promote the products (instructions for subconsciousness mind that eliminate pain, fears, concepts, blockages etc.). I also use email newsletter with autorespondes.

    Recently, I registered my product "Master’s Solutions Set: Open your mind to Universe of Wealth" on clickbank. However, I do not get any affiliates so far.
    There are plenty of options like banners, emails, WSO, however please let me know which way to go?

    I highly appreciate your help.

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    Clickbank is a different type of network than most of us work with here, attracting different affiliates who use different strategies than what others might use. The methods there are very different. My understanding is that affiliates there look at a program's sales history; no sales, no interest.

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    On Clickbank, I'd approach sellers in similar verticals and make them a really aggressive offer to hit their email list for you. It's all digital, so you can afford to split the revenue aggressively with them right?

    In general invest your time in copy, not a ton of banners. Write good swipe copy for email newsletters and posts.
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