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    I'm a newbie and currently researching niches and thinking about what I can write content about. Finding it hard to find a niche on anything I actually care about, that isn't already a saturated market.

    How realistic is it to choose a niche I know (or care!) little about, and get other freelancers to do most of the writing for me? With sites like it seems this could be done very cheaply.

    I realise I'd have to develop some degree of knowledge on the subject anyway, but perhaps there are writers out there who can put together some good content themselves, given some key facts and a brief outline?

    Do any of you guys outsource your content writing?

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    If you do, just make sure that what you're getting is actually unique.
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    Cheaply? You can get good and you can get cheap. Nut you likely won't get them together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murph View Post
    ... but perhaps there are writers out there who can put together some good content themselves, given some key facts and a brief outline?
    THAT sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Also, if you are going to the trouble of putting together "some key facts" and a "brief outline", why not just go the extra step and write it yourself?

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    You could flip this and have them do the research, write the outline then you polish it off and make it readable.

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    Thanks for the views there guys. Lots to think about

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    Hi, I am a marketing manager for a professional Internet marketing agency, though I have started as copywriter and was working on a various projects creating content on financial, IT related, transportation, healthcare subjects and many more. So from my experience I would say it is about how much effort you can put in subject research and in your general ability in creative writing. I say give it a go, try it hard, and if you can see that it is not worth the time you are investing in it, outsource copywriting to professionals.

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    If it's a niche you know nothing about more time will initially be spent researching than writing the articles. However ultimately you should know a reasonable amount about the topics posted onto your blog to ensure that they aren't misleading or incorrect otherwise it could lose credibility.

    It would be best to have a go writing the first few articles to get to know the niche and if you still find it hard and time consuming then try outsourcing. By then you should have a reasonable grasp of what the articles should cover and to ensure that they are correct etc.

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    So define cheaply... I hired housewives in the US to write reviews on products they were familiar with. I gave them the freedom to choose from broad categories. I paid less than minimum wage. Turnover was huge, but I did get some really high quality articles by picking niches that they were interested in. So for example, lucked out and got a photographer to review camera equipment and a scrap booker to review scrap booking supplies. Now, getting more than one person with the same interests is really hard and if you find someone that is good, consider giving them a big pay raise ($10 an hour???)

    I have also hired teams of foreign workers to write reviews. You have to watch out for article spinners, very common for them to copy and paste an article into a spinner then submit it to you. So 30 seconds of work billed at 3 hours. Copyscape won't detect it. Also a problem with foreign workers, horrible grammer, spelling, etc. You have to ask yourself, what kind of person are you going to get for $3 or less an hour?
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