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Thread: Anyone Having Issues With Sellfire in Dec. 2014?

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    Question Anyone Having Issues With Sellfire in Dec. 2014?
    In November, we decided to try out via the "14-day trial" period the Sellfire program. We experimented with the program for a couple of days, then promptly sent notification as instructed on the website to advise Sellfire to cancel the account and not charge our credit card (obviously had to give CC info up front, which I don't like to do). Well, we got charged, and then we've just been charged again in December. When one sends a message to support from the website as instructed, there's no record on the front end to document that support submittal. I'm fairly certain the support email is recorded in their internal system.

    I was able to find their direct contact information and I sent an email to the principal with a copy to Support at I got a message back from my email program that indicated a "delay" in transmitting my email, then we got a message that email delivery could not be made. I have the contact phone #, but don't want to take that route unless absolutely necessary.

    It seems like a nice program - just didn't fit our needs and was not what we wanted. We followed instructions to cancel the account PRIOR to the end of the 14-day period to no avail.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm trying to reserve judgment here, but I don't like being charged for a product I cancelled within the prescribed timeframe either - that's $ I need to use for other things in trying to build income. And it's the principal of the matter.

    If you have any constructive thoughts or suggestions, they'd be much appreciated. Not trying to bash the principals or the product; just to get my money back that was not authorized to be charged in the first place.


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    I loved SellFire, primarily because it was the only datafeed aggregator where an affiliate could chose individual products and intermix Amazon products with other merchants. I added hundreds of shops to my sites. Then, things went bad, very, very bad, as documented in these threads, which are just examples of the problems:

    WP Sites with SellFire Plug-in are OffLine

    Where Are You, SellFire?

    Support is non-existent, and major problems go unresolved, but as you say, they still charge for the "service". I quit them after two or three years, but am still finding shops that need changing out.

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    I, too, was an early subscriber and vocal supporter when they opened a subforum here. They went south pretty early on and I (fortunately) never put much effort into populating a lot of sites. I bailed out sooner than most and am glad that I did. Such a shame.
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    Thank you both for your feedback. Confirmed my suspicions. It's worse than sad, especially when hardworking people are trying to make a living in a very challenging world. Luckily, I didn't populate any sites with their stores, so I'm quite thankful for that. Will just have to escalate the matter...

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    it's sad because I thought their tool was very good, but they seem to have disappeared in terms of support and responsiveness.
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