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    Hi all

    Just wondering which are the better programs on Commission Junction? I've joined Ulead and PCmall for 3 months but so far no sales at all.

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    why not check out the cj merchant EPC ranking

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    The ones that all the competition don't know about yet tend to perform better...

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    I've never considered ulead or pcmall. Never been inpressed by them.

    There are lots of merchants in CJ that will convert...although you need ungodly amounts traffic to see steady sales.

    I just read a gripe the other day on the newsgroups. Someone said they tried CJ for 30 days...had put a well placed banner up, and after 5000 impressions they didn't make a dime.

    5000 isn't a big number. If 1% click through (50 people) and the merchant's EPC is $10.00, you can reasonably expect an average of $5.00 for these 30 days of traffic.

    One of the fifty may buy that month, although it might be clickthrough visitor number 132 a couple of months later.

    If the banner if "too well placed" and 25% click out of curiousity, you can have a similar chance of a sale. Place an ad for games on a kid's site for example, and alot of them will click. Very few will ever buy anything.

    Notice that most all the merchants primarily selling video games and such, have very low EPCs.

    Yes, do pick merchants based on their EPC and reversal rates. This often calls for merchants that are not always as "well placed" as you'd like.

    Notice the merchants that say, "put our links up and add value to your site"

    I've never known any affiliate that joined CJ to add value to their site...only money in their pockets.

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    Try out It's a debt consolidation lead site and it was just revamped and is converting extremely well. Debt Consolidation is a great area to work in now with the economy the way it is. Our 3 month EPC is low because of the massive amount of fraudulent affiliates I had to weed out but no it is regularily hittnig at least $30.00 a day EPC.

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    There you go Desktop... If your visitors don't buy stuff, they're most likely disturbed about one particular thing...

    Their finances.

    Offer them Debt Consolidation.

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    Now that's targeted marketing!

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