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    Viral Success Stories?
    Thought I would try a fun thread topic. So, please give an example of a viral marketing initiative that worked. I figure these things have a statute of limitations so revealing might not be damaging to future efforts.

    I'll start... I've only had a few things go even remotely viral, all on Facebook. The most successful campaign I've ever launched called out a social injustice of sorts. I'm still running it, so I won't do a reveal on that one, but my second viral post was a bit unexpected.

    Last Christmas, I was posting photos of products along with sale coupons and I picked out a "Hello Kitty" jewelry set for kids. It was a little higher end, e.g. sterling silver, enamel, etc along with a coupon. For some reason, it struck a chord with a certain facebook audience. I did not even target any of the Facebook Hello Kitty groups with the paid advertising I used to jump start the post. I guess Facebook somehow got the picture post in front of the right sets of eyeballs and *poof* it got shared with a large number of people.

    I did not make it rich off of the post, the conversion rates were absolutely atrocious, but it was fun to see the post get passed around. BTW, I think Facebook advertising and page followers are a waste of time unless you are interesting in branding and loyalty, e.g. have a long term agenda.
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