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    A noob view on how this works...
    Hi guys

    So i'm really new to this whole thing and I'm looking for a bit of help. In the past I've done a fair amount of work driving traffic to my bands website with the offer of a free album download, we had a good music and I targeted a very specific audience - it worked like an absolute bomb and we recruited many new fans world over. I thought I had this thing waxed, problem is that now I'm trying to do this to create an income and it's not working...

    I'm pretty sure you'll have heard this all before but this is what I've done to date.

    - I'm pretty certain I have at least couple of decent niches to work.
    - Checked ad words and confirmed that there is low competition with a decent number of searches per month
    - Searched in google and seen that there aren't many competitors for my keywords
    - I've joined a couple of affiliate networks - CB, Amazon & a couple more
    - I've registered good domain names for these and got some pretty basic wordpress stuff including SEO (i'm no expert with WP or SEO btw but I can get by)
    - Started a google adwords campaign to drive traffic - this worked traffic wise but I got 0.00000000000 income. I've subsequently stopped the campaign...

    I then read about how to do this through facebook, so

    - I created a few FB ads linking to CB products
    - I based my product selection on gravity in my specific niche
    - The ads got a ton of clicks (costing a fortune) but again - no sales.

    So my question is what's going wrong here? Why can't I close a deal? I know it's a broad question but I'd like to use this as a starting point to get to more specific questions - I kinda feel like that rat thing from ice age when he see's a nut

    Here's what I think I need to do - please advise

    - Stop running around like the ice age rat thing and focus on 1 of these sites.
    - Apparently content is how to rank, so write good content and publish it.
    - Get the site to rank on google as high as possible with SEO and at the same time start driving traffic with a PPC campaign.
    - I'll tackle the selling when I've got this sorted...

    Sound like a plan??


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    And welcome to the challenge we ALL face. I, too, have similar experiences. I feel like I have done everything under the sun to generate sales, including every option you list above...and more. But things are still slow and I often question why.

    In the end, it's a numbers game. If you're getting a few hundred clicks / views from time to time and no leads/sales...I wouldn't worry too much yet. If you're getting thousands of clicks and views and STILL no sales, then perhaps it's time to re-evaluate some things. So depending on your situation, I wouldn't panic yet. These things always take time.

    For me personally, I'm doing a little bit of everything to get the word out. I know I'm spreading myself thin. But my goal is to plant a thousand seeds and see which one starts growing the most. THEN I'll know which avenue I need to dedicate more time to. I'd suspect you're probably in the same boat. Best of luck! -Joe

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    Keep in mind that this can be a tricky time of year to be trying to make money in anything other than gift focused retail. A lot of shoppers have their blinders on and are focused on gift sales right now and if your products you've chosen to promote aren't connecting, it may be a timing thing as well.
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    Wade is correct.
    November/December is actually not a good time for conversions on "my" sites. While I have a few retail-items-type-sites that do sell a few things I don't actively work those. Our two main verticals start to shine after the New Year begins.

    I also do NOT promote CB anything. There are a few gems in there but most of the stuff is crap. Amazon can be good - but only if the shopper is willing to complete a purchase immediately (no leaving and coming back later). I would not use PPC for either. YMMV
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    Landing page has a lot to do with it too I think. People don't spend too much time on the website once they land via PPC to find what they were looking for. They want it right in front of their face with big bold letters.

    If you are using Wordpress, install a plugin called Nelio A/B testing. Try to determine user interaction by analyzing the heat map and maybe change things around a bit by doing A/B testing. I always gather as much data as I can and try to use it to my own advantage.

    As far as what AffiliateWarrior said; that would only apply if you are doing a very broad marketing campaign. You should still be able to convert via PPC no matter what you are selling. After all, you are targeting those who are looking for what you are selling.

    Make sure you don't target things like "christmas gifts". Instead, be as specific as you can and advertise the specific product.

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    its really hard to sell clickbank full sale products on facebook, and you really need to have a presell page. Something to get them to really Really want to buy that project then and there. Direct linking to it wont go well.

    id try looking into some Cost Per Lead offers to run on facebook. Will be much easier to convert people on.

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