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    Targeting keywords for SEO
    Hello all,

    I'm currently writing content for my first affiliate marketing site and my primary concern is ranking organically, I want to start with a good foundation. That being said, my question is about keyword density and the number of keywords targeted per page.

    So, for example, Lets say I have a site about jackets and on that site there is a page about winter jackets. I want to rank the term "winter jackets" so I include the term in my title, H1's and H2's, but how many more times should I mention it and is there a risk of overuse of the keyword ?

    My second question is about the number of similar keywords targeted per page, using the above example, I could try to rank for "blue winter jacket", "heavy winter jacket", "durable winter jacket" and so on....As a beginner my first thought is to massage as much keywords into my content to try to rank for the most number of similar terms, but I have a feeling that's not a good idea. So how many similar keywords should I target per page ? How much is too much ?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    You might want to take a look at this for some guidance. Of course, that was back in March, before the Oct roll-out. But, it will give you a good starting point.

    Keyword Targeting, Density, and Cannibalization - Whiteboard Friday - Moz


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    You can't rank for "winter jackets". You could, on HotBot, 10 years ago.

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    Studying keyword density is basically crap. How and what you write depends on whether you are trying to sell to search engine bots or to human beings.

    IOW, write good narrative and, if it appeals to real readers, the search engines will find it.
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    There isn't a formula or recipe to success in affiliate marketing, as Bill said in plain English. Try and test, over and over. What works for others may not work for your target market. Learn about, understand your market and what they want.
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