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    December 28th, 2014
    My DEAL SG - Payment integrity
    Hello everyone,

    I would really appreciate if anyone here who used to work or still working with MYDEAL, can give me some details about their integrity in general, and their payment ethic specifically.

    Shortly, we are an affiliate working with them through an affiliate network for quiet a long time, no issues till now, but currently they are refusing to pay us our commission as they claim they do not succeed to collect the money from MYDEAL...
    its been 2 month delay in payments and we are considering taking some legal actions...

    Any suggestions?


    Dave Nicht

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    January 5th, 2015
    Angry MYDEAL - comment

    I heard about them. Rumor is that they are no longer honest as before.
    I think there's a guy named Richard or ricin - you can try to talk to him but I can not be sure of their integrity or his.
    In any case I have a few friends who market online and they do not got the money from them neither. you may want all of you to unite against them. It is upset that people do not know to meet the payment ethic and they should pay for it!
    I will address them to here so you can talk.

    good luck


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