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    Question Overwhelmed Newbie!
    Hi Everyone,

    First let me wish you a very Happy New Year!
    Okay now to get down to the nitty gritty.....

    I'm a Life and Wellness Coach and sometime in February will have my website up and running. At that time I would like to have an affiliate program in place to promote our full day workshop on stress management. We will be traveling throughout the states and have 10 cities in the U.S. Our first workshop will take place in April.

    Question 1: I would like to start an affiliate program but am confused to all the various software programs that are available. I need a system that is very simple and straightforward without a bunch of bells and whistles.

    Question 2: Since the shopping cart system I am using for my coaching business cannot integrate an affiliate software at this time I was thinking of developing a separate web page to promote the workshop for affiliates only and use PayPal for payments.

    Question 3: Since we will be promoting our workshops from April - December I'm stumped on when I would pay out the commissions. What if someone registered in April for a June workshop and then canceled and wanted a refund? I don't have a problem with the refund I would have a deadline date and there would be no refunds after that date. Would the affiliates be willing to wait until each deadline date and then get paid. The commission base is generous $20 per registration.

    I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks Coach Cathy

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    Cathy, not sure an affiliate program is the way to go for event promotion. Are you trying paid search? Also you may be better off investing money into advertising on core sites that speak to your demographics.

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    Oops...nevermind. Chuck just gave a better-informed answer.
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    Affiliate Marketing can do well for some events... GTO does a great job with the New Media Expo program (BlogWorld) - it's a little different animal though. If I were you though, I would focus on Paid Search and some more traditional marketing unless you have a network of speakers and high profile folks with followings you can enlist.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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