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    whcih will be Best affiliate network for my website traffic?
    I have one movie website which get organic traffic from search engines like google, yahoo and bing. My website built using wordpress. I get 50% mobile visitors and 50% desktop visitors. In cpa there are offers separate for mobile users and desktop users. What tools are there which will help me. I also want to display offers according to geography locations bcz visitors from USA, UK, Canada,France, India. Any network is there which have banner tools which will display offers according to demographics.

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    Hello. There are many more items which must come into play before answering your question. However, before we discuss that, it would be best for you to produce your introductory post where you tell us about you, not your business or website. At the same time, spend a lot of time reading through the threads here on ABW and you will learn a lot about all of the networks which should help you make your decision.

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