Here are the key pieces we worked on last month:

Which Traffic Source is the Best for Your Site?

Everyone wants more traffic to their website. But it is important to understand that in the world of affiliate marketing, different traffic sources hold differing pros and cons. We ran through what SEO, PPC and social traffic can offer your site.

Publisher Spotlight: Oony

Believing a better job could be done to help consumers save money in every area of their lives, Oony was founded in 2010 by computer engineers Christian Hentschel and Ariel Barmat. They didn’t want the site to offer just coupon and promo codes, but also product deals and offers, all easily found in one website. has grown to feature more than three million coupons, offers and product deals from 300+ brands and retailers. Oony also operates sites for the UK, Brasilian and Indian markets.

Monthly Digest: Issue 12 – 2014

Welcome to Issue six, rounding-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days.

Affiliate Window’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Last month we helped our publisher’s readers prepare for the holidays by putting together a comprehensive holiday gift guide featuring our fabulous online advertisers! From hotel accommodations to concert tickets to clothing and accessories, we featured gift ideas for him, her, sports lovers, travellers and event seekers.

#awfestivefilm Christmas Competition

For our annual Christmas competition, we asked publishers to combine creativity with our favorite holiday past-time and create a Christmas movie poster with an original film title and image. We received some fantastic entries and after a tough scrutinising period, we awarded our three favorites $800, $500 and $300 cash into their bank account.

New launches:

We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed advertisers on our network:

6045 (US & CA)

5513 The Hut (US & CA)

5768 Maxwell Dickson (US)

6184 Tansler (Global)

6201 Vagabond House (Global)

Tax Update

The Marketplace Fairness Act did not pass during the lame duck session of Congress, though the Internet Tax Freedom Act extension was included in the omnibus spending bill passed then. Plans remain to pursue the MFA in 2015, while Investors Business Daily identified further potential unintended consequences of the legislation. The New Year brings the expiration of the Amazon tax break in South Carolina, while Michigan approved an online sales tax, effective October, 2015, though not everyone was happy about it. China-based Alibaba is now drawing the ire of many states, as the online giant continues to use its geographic location to avoid tax collection.

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