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    High Ticket Affiliate Items
    Is it a viable business? I've figured out a niche I want to pursue (finally!), and am curious how well $500-$1500 (actual real world value) items do in this type of business. I guess I'm on a "Go big or go home" kick.

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    They also come with high competition both from organic search and ppc. Check out the competition first.

    There is heavy competition for low ticket, low commission stuff also. So ticket price shdn't be the qualifier or disqualifier. Think what you can do better than the others, that she be the deciding factor.

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    Furniture works. But it's not easy.

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    Number one mistake of all green salespeople - chasing the big ticket items.

    Offer a mix of different priced items. Cash in on the meat and potato items. Concentrate on building the number of orders not the size of each order. The big ticket items will come - and be the gravy to your meat and potatoes...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Phil, read what Convergence just posted.

    Now, re-read what Convergence just posted.

    That is all...

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    Makes a LOT of sense - too bad I can only thank each of you only once...

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    I can go many different ways - I already own about 25 domains for various reasons - everything from BBQ to interior design to database programming. I've got to find a base niche in there somewhere.

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    my two cents: bbq.... rationale is that you might find it easier to create a "following" in that niche. I always want to think through "will these people come back again and again... and enjoy the value I can provide.... stories, reviews, community... etc" Get STICKY.

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    If there's something competitive about it (like price), you can do really, really good.

    Years ago, one of the discount stores got a shipment of very high-end watches, and was selling them for about half of what other retailers were selling them for. Apparently, they weren't moving very fast so they offered a $100 bounty to affiliates (on top of commissions) for each one sold. I set up a simple page and promoted it with PPC and blew out their inventory, while pocketing some serious money. Because of the price, I was getting something like a 2-5% conversion ratio, which is almost unheard of with such high ticket items.

    But in general, I agree with the others. You'll do MUCH better in the long run on lower ticket items. I might even go so far as to say that you shouldn't focus on the items (high OR low ticket), but rather than CHALLENGES that you can help your customers solve.

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    Another thing to keep in mind is that the high ticket items tend to have higher reversal rate base on my experience.

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    I managed a series of fitness equipment merchant programs for four year and grew them successfully through a handful of dedicated affiliates. Top ones make good six figures as orders ranged from $1000 - $3000. They became the experts and Google loved their sites for a long time. They were able to compare based on price point and features. Their value proposition was the benefit to the consumer which merchants seldom key on. What does a 3.0 hp motor mean, a 300 pound man can run on that treadmill.

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    We have affiliate publishers who specifically focus on heaters, pumps, and high end robotic cleaners. It is a rough game for them, because of where they sit in the purchasing process. The bigger the ticket, the longer the buying cycle, the more fraught the journey is with places to lose your cookies.

    The issue is so bad that if I have a publisher focusing on big ticket items I try to give them a few extra points or watch extra closely for phone sale they may have referred. I know there is a lot slipping through here and there. That said from a merchants point of view, I can't offer stellar commission on big ticket items. Big ticket items typically have big ticket shipping costs, which wrecks my margins.

    Despite the doom and gloom, when they hit they hit hard. I would focus on a straight forward relationship with the merchant, and information for the customer. Don't try to chase that bottom of the funnel dragon, but try to move the customer from the top down as efficiently as possible and present your strong SEO rankings as a value add to the merchant for an extra cut.

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