Our work is based on the humanitarian principles of medical ethics and impartiality. We send doctors, nurses, midwives, psychologists and other medical and logistical staff by boats, planes, motorcycles and even canoes to reach our patients.

Donations from our generous supporters provide the funding we need to maintain our medical programs, from treating people with deadly diseases like malaria and caring for mothers and babies in their first crucial hours of life, to delivering psychosocial care to survivors of sexual violence and providing emergency surgery in war zones.

We are looking for affiliate advertisers to help us raise awareness and acquire new donors so that we can continue our work in over 60 countries. Thank you for considering us as an affiliate partner.

The Médecins Sans Frontières Australia Affiliate Program:

  • 7.5% commission rate per sale
  • Globally recognised charity
  • 30 day tracking period
  • Open to a large range of promotional methods
  • Range of professional banners
  • Mobile optimised website
  • Open to customised marketing collaborations

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