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    Nothing has changed, really...
    Starting to have that feeling again - that 'GAN' feeling.

    What is eBay doing with an affiliate network? Nothing has changed. The platform is the same and their accounting system rivals only that of of LinkShare.

    Yep - Chasing money, again. Going back to June 2014.

    Certainly there is someone in America that needs a job - someone with some Accounts Receivables experience? Perhaps someone with some website coding experience to at least automate some collections?

    Nothing really changes, does it?
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Besides payment issues, there are also, it seems to me, conversion issues. Merchants that I did well with on other networks that moved to eBay have tanked.

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    Make sure they are directing to the correct Merchant. I put in a support ticket on Monday on 1 that was suppose to be a health merchant and it went to another site that was garden and pet stuff.

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