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    Want to build a cash rebate website
    Just another cash rebate website

    I want to build a site that a registered user of my site can click affiliate links on my site, go to individual merchant website to place an order. This user will collect a portion or all commission.

    Key features:

    1. A user can designate one or more recipients for his commission. For each recipient, the user can specify a percentage of commission that particular recipient will receive.

    2. A user can track commission he earns (how much I earned and through which sale on what date?)

    3. Must be mobile friendly (responsive design)

    4. The site must be able to process REST web services offered by some affiliate networks;
    must be able to process datafeed (in a variety of formats) provided by virtually all affiliate networks.
    Out of the box, the site must work with major affiliate networks, such as CJ, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc and be capable to work with other affiliate networks.

    The site will aggregate datafeeds (or web services)from multiple affiliate networks, produce an interface that is customizable (in terms of page layout and selected products) per user. The site must have excellent search functionality since datafeeds contain tremendous products and it is impossible to list all of them (it is not necessary, either).


    Development cost: a few thousand dollars
    Monthly subscription to data-feed: up to $100

    Any suggestion? Is there a turnkey solution?

    Thank you!

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    You may want to contact other cash back rebate sites and see if they will license their software. Haven't seen any turnkey solutions.

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