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    GetResponse Op-In Confirmation Going To Spam Folder
    So I've researched a lot of email list/landing page services, and decided GetResponse is the best for my particular needs. With that being said...

    If I choose to have an opt-in email confirmation sent to a potential list subscriber, the confirmation email goes straight into the spam/junk folder. I've tested this on Gmail, Outlook and my own website email, and all go into the spam/junk folders.

    I don't want to build a list of subscribers just to have a list of subscribers - I want them to want my weekly emails. Now, in order for them to download my eBook (sign-up enticement), they need to provide their email address, which then takes them to a "Thank You" page letting them know what to expect from the weekly newsletter and a button (direct link) to the eBook. So they've already subscribed at that point. I would prefer the double opt-in option to avoid "cold" subscribers.

    Any suggestions?


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