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    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some advice on using landing pages. My main experience of affiliate marketing is in the gambling industry where landing pages are commonplace as they can increase conversion rates by huge amounts. In this sector, you'd be silly to send a customer to a homepage rather than a landing page as the conversion rates are so much better with landing pages.

    I am now starting up in the retail sector (more specifically in fashion) but have not come across anybody using landing pages. I wondered if anyone has had experience using landing pages in the retail sector and, if so, how do they affect conversion rates?

    Thanks in advance

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    The fashion sector is not something which is a single-landng page item if you want to be successful. Spend a lot of time looking at what other sites are using for the same or similar product. You'll notice trends, like presentation, amount of information, number of pages on the site. Now to earn commissions you'll have to give your visitors a reason to choose your site to learn about the item, then go from your site to the merchant. It comes from having value on your site about the product. This is work only you can do.

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