Opinions of what this CJ network email means???

"Hello Affiliates,

Several years ago New Century asked the Internet Marketing Center of California (http://www.imccal.com) to start an affiliate program for them, and we did. At some point New Century decided to take the program “in house”, and later asked us to come back an re-invigorate the program, and we did. Within six months of IMCCAL taking over last year, the number of affiliates doubled and your commissions increased by more than 400%. But late last year New Century began going through a series of major changes in their technology operations, and this has led to a significant decrement in their performance in terms of their ability to quickly disposition the leads which are sent to them and to report this information to us so that we could pay you. In the past few months we received many e-mails and phone calls from you about your concerns. On our part we have tried to do our best to respond to the changes at New Century. Ours has been a difficult role lately, trying to run the program in accordance with New Century’s wishes and yet also be responsive to your needs. For this and other reasons, we will be terminating our relationship with New Century at the end of this month.

As far as we know, New Century intends to continue their affiliate program and to manage it again “in house”. We are doing everything we can to support them in a smooth transition. For our part, we will be announcing our own affiliate program, starting May 1st.

Working with you has been a pleasure for us and we are really proud of what we have been able to achieve together. We wish everyone continued success in their endeavors.

If you have any questions or concerns, email me personally at wade@imccal.com

The IMC CAL Team"